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    If you attended Cairo High School, you probably remember the school paper, the Pilot Light. So what is "Pilot Light 2000", you ask? In May of 2000, I decided to locate some of my 1967 classmates' email addresses. After searching, I found a few. I emailed a message and told of my plan to start a newsletter for our class. Before I knew it, I had about 15 addresses. It was suggested that I include upper/lower classmates also. I managed to gather a few email addresses, signed up with an email service, and "Pilot Light 2000" was born on September 6, 2000, with 9 members. Within two months, we grew to over seventy alumni who attended Cairo High School in the "sixties." Every class from 1960 to 1969 is represented. We have renewed "old" friendships, reminiscents about the "good old days", shared recipes and pictures, and even how to remove stains from certain garments!

    The PL2000 Topica E-Mail Group.

    Numerous PL2000 members subscribe to the E-Mail group and communicate on a daily basis with other members of the E-Mail group.


    It's very easy to join in our fun. The only requirement is that you attended Cairo High School in the '60's.

    If you are interested in joining, you can do this one of two ways. First you can contact me...Vicki Barnett Toler at jtoler@brtc.net

    Or you can use the little box below to subscribe to the E-Mail group. Simply type in your email address then push the join button just once. When I get your request, I will send you an invitation. When your invitation arrives(via email), just click reply, and you're in. It's that easy.

    Enter your email to join Pilot Light 2000 today!

    ** If you have not received an invitation from me within 48 hours of your request, email me to confirm that I received it. Nothing works perfectly all the time, we just do the best that we can to make it work every time...

    So if you want to take that walk down memory lane with "old" CHS "sixties" classmates, just let those fingers fly across that keyboard and let me know you are interested.

    Vicki Barnett Toler,'67 Listowner

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