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Douglas, 1961 5th Grade

Douglas, 1962 6th Grade

Douglas School

Safford School

First grade class...Elmwood Grade School (future class of '64)

Cairo Boy Scouts with leader, Edward Krenning, and Dorothy Olsen, singer, November 23, 1963 at the Paducah Lions Club Telethon.

St. Joe team picture

St. Joe pictures

Elmwood first grade, class of 67

Safford first grade, 1956 class

Presbyterian Bible School 1955

1950 8th Grade CJHS Mrs. Woodward's Class

Fron left to right
Front row
1. unknown 2. Frank Dunker 3. James Foster 4. Frank Wissinger 5. Joe Smith 6. John Dillingham 7, Loren Waite
Second row
1. Jeri Steel ? 2. Phil Qualls 3. Barbara Bradshaw? 4. 5. 6. unknown
Third row
1. 2. Unknown 3. Bob Meisenheimer 4. Mary Dewese 5. Unknown 6. Anna Marie Holliday 7. unknown
Back row
1. Mrs Woodward 2. unknown, 3. Bob Burns 4. Sharon Kessler?? rest are unknown

Class of 60, 3rd Grade Lincoln School

1st row, Linda Britt, Mike Claxton, Joe Caldwell, Herb Williams, Barbara Franklin, Rodney Mescher, Sue Lewis, Jimmy Johnson, Jack Upshaw
2nd, Marilyn Reed, Gary Grueninger,Coy Franklin, Eddie Davis, Lela Franklin, Marshall Simpson, Norma??, Patty Jones
3rd, Mrs Hartley, J.D. Lowe, Ronnie Stephens, Vincent Etheridge, Jon Carlson, Mike Stone, Janet Smith, Eloise Tolles
Back, Don Steele, Bill??, Sam Abell, David Jewell, Phyllis Carney, Dennie Lewis, Bob Hodge, Sanders Brewer

Class of 60, 4th Grade Lincoln School

      1st row,Linda Britt, Eddie Davis, Joe Caldwell, Mike Claxton, Rodney Mescher, Herb Williams, Marshall Simpson, Jimmy Johnson, Jack Upshaw
      2nd,Gary Grueninger, Larry merrick, Marilyn Reed, Eloise Tolles, Pam Rives, Patty Jones, Sue Lewis, ??
      3rd, Coy Franklin, Don Steele, J.D. Lowe, ??, Sanders Brewer, Vicent Etheridge, Heintz Gee, Mike Stone
      4th, Phyllis Carney, Bob Hodge, Ron Stephens, Jon Carlson, Bobby Edwards, David Jewel, ??

Class of 60, 5th Grade Lincoln School

      1st row, Joe Caldwell, Mike Claxton, Rodney Mescher, Gary Grueninger, Herb Williams, Eddie Davis, Pam Rives, Sue Lewis, Barbara Franklin
      2nd, JD Lowe,Vincent Etheridge,??,Mike Edison, Vicki Ewing, Marilyn Reed, Jimmy Johnson, Larry Merrick, Marshall Simpson
      3rd,Mrs Tolles, Eloise Tolles, Elaine Goldstein, Bob Hodge, Jon Carlson, Sam Abell, Willa Moore, Coy Franklin, Ronnie Stephens
      4th, Phyllis Carney, Mike Stone, Sanders Brewer, Ollie Simmons, Dennie Lewis, Betty Noyd, David Jewell

Class of 60, 6th Grade Lincoln School

      1st row, Sue Lewis, Gary Grueninger, Herb Williams, Eddie Davis, Mike Claxton, Jim Johnson, Larry Merrick, Marshall Simpson
      2nd, Mrs. Smith, Pam Rives Don Steele, Bob Hodge, Marilyn Reed, Sam Abell, Jon Carlson, Mike Edidson, Lela Franklin
      3rd, Vicki Ewing, Eloise Tolles, Elaine goldstein, Mike Stone, J. D. lowe, Vincent Etheridge, ??
      4th, Phyllis Carney, David Jewell, Sanders Brewer, Ruthie Walker, Willa Moore, ??, Dennie Lewis

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