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Photos Of Cairo

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Hamburger Wagon
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Mack's Barbecue
Magnolia Manor
Post Office
Shemwell's BBQ
St. Marys Park
St. Patrick's Church
Subway Gate
Tigert Methodist Church

Historic Cairo Illinois


Historic Cairo, Illinois

Since 1817 Cairo has been a historic part of our country's development.    As part of "Little Egypt", as a strategic location during the civil war and as a main river port, Cairo has forever placed its name into the history books.

Our goal in this section is simply to display information on some of the historical parts of Cairo that we all remember. A few photos, a brief history about some special places and a moment to reflect back upon our past. We won't be able to cover everything, but we will do our best to make what we display informative and enjoyable.

Special thanks to Monica Smith, Librarian for her assistance.

To view what we have available for "Historic Cairo", use the links on the left side of this page.

We hope you enjoy!


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