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    How to "Get Around" the PL2000 site

    To find your way around the site, visit the main page, look at the links on that page to select what is currently available for viewing. Below you will find an explanation of each section of the PL2000 site.

    At the bottom of all pages, except those in the photo areas, you will find links to the main sections of the site. In the photo areas you should use your back button on your browser to retrace your route.


    PL Photos Photos & More Photos Each class (1960-1969) has their own section. Senior photos, Music Dept., Sports and more. Plus numerous reunion and get together photos are displayed.

    The pictures you see for each year are actual scans from that particular yearbook. The names are copied from the yearbook exactly. Each yearbook did things differently, some years they used initials for the first name, when other years they used the full name. Also, each year was different in the activities and the photos they had available.

    Other photos include Teachers, Class Graduation Photos from many years, including as far back as 1903!, Random Photos From The 1960's and Reunion & get together photos. This is an ever expanding area as we obtain photos from PL2000 members to add to the site.

    Bio Pages. Every senior pictured in the 1960-1969 Egypti's has a page on the PL2000 site. Everyone is encouraged to submit a bio for themselves and their family. This can include a recent photo also.

    Guest Bio Pages for others who attended CHS during the 1960's or any other years are available. This includes any graduate from any year who wishes to submit a bio. It also includes anyone who attended CHS for any year but did not graduate from CHS. We are more than happy to place a bio on the site for any CHS Alumni from any year if requested. Contact Vicki or Ken for information.

    In Memoriam. A list of known deceased CHS classmates.

    Search. Each page has been coded to work with the installed search engine. If you are looking for someone we suggest that you enter their last name and view the results to find the particular person you are looking for.

    PL2000 Members List. A list of names of all PL2000 members. Not all are active on the email group, but can be contacted.

    PL Alumni Locator. A list with map of where CHS Alumni from the 1960's currently live.

    Most Wanted. This is a page where we have names of people that some member of the PL group is looking for. We call these our "Most Wanted". Where are they, what happened to them? If you know, let us know, or if you have someone you really want to find we can put their name on the "Most Wanted" list for you.

    Topica E-Mail Group. Here you will find information on how to join the PL2000 E-Mail group. This is a group of CHS alumni who send mail to the group daily on various topics of discussion.

    Cairo Links. A selection of Cairo related links.

    Memories Part of the "Fun Page" this area contains "Memories" about our CHS, our Cairo and about us... Comments, email from PL members, pictures, flash shows and who knows what else as it grows. About our CHS, our past, our present, a misc page under development for your enjoyment.

    Changes to information on the PL2000 site. If you have a suggestion or see some information on the site that is incorrect, please contact Vicki Barnett Toler at jtoler@brtc.net

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