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Pilot Light 2000 Flash Shows!

    We have created two flash shows for the PL2000 site. The first show is named "Memories From The 1960's" and was created to commemorate the first anniversary of the PL2000 web site. The second show was created from photos taken during the 2002 PL2000 reunion picnic. To view the flash shows you must have a computer (some web tv systems will not play flash), and the flash plug-in which is a free add on program provided by Macromedia. This plug-in installs on your web browser and allows you to view the flash shows.

    You can obtain this free plug-in at Clicking Here

    Simply follow the instructions at their web site, it only takes a moment to install.

    A flash show consists of music and images, as a result, the file is fairly large and takes a few minutes to download. How long it will take depends on the connection speed you have at the time of the download.

    If the download seems to stall and take longer than 10 minutes, hit reload/refresh on your web browser to start the download again.

    We hope you will enjoy the flash shows!

    Memories From The 1960's    Est. 5-6 minute download. Created to commemorate the 1st anniversary of the PL2000 web site.

    The 2002 Picnic    Est. 5-10 minute download.

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