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    PL2000 Members Bio Pages Available. Guest Bio Pages Below.

    Dan Mattson Dan Mattson, 64

    Darrell Burris Darrell Burris, 65 Mary Kay Johnson Mary Kay Johnson Krouskos, 69

    Jeff Crippen Jeff Crippen, 69 Kathy Cassady Schmelzer Kathy Cassady Schmelzer, 63

    Carolyn Burton Thomas Carolyn Burton Thomas, 65 Ralph Thomas Ralph Thomas, 67

    Mike Coffman Mike Coffman, 67 Buddy Upshaw Buddy Upshaw, 64

    Pam Holmes Pam Holmes Upshaw, 66 Janice Clancy Osgood Janice Clancy Osgood, 62

    Ernie Nordman Ernie, 66, Judy Wissinger Judy Wissinger, 67, Nordman

    Katharine Krenning Katharine Krenning, Peterson 64 Jan Kniffen Jan Kniffen, 66

Ann Hawf Todd, 59, Judith Ann Hawf, 60, Jackson Becky
Bryson Becky Bryson, 67

    Don Verble Don Verble, 65, Doretta Diggs Doretta Diggs, 68

Jane Dunker Mary Jane Dunker Edmonds, 66 Jim Milford Jim Milford, 66

    Pat Webster Pat, 61 Lynn Rae Currier Lynn Rae Currier, 68 Webster

Mertz Russ, 65 Ellen Rose Ellen Rose, 67 Mertz

Barnett Vicki Barnett Toler, 67 Kenny Gunn Kenny Gunn, 67

    Guest bio's are available for anyone who attended CHS during any time frame but are not pictured as a senior in the 1960-1969 yearbooks. This includes those who attended CHS for only a year or two but did not graduate from CHS, and also includes any other CHS graduates regardless of the year they graduated or attended CHS (before or after the 1960's).

    Click Here To View Guest Bio Pages ** 5 Guest Bio's available.

    Make A PL2000 Bio Page

    What Is A PL2000 Bio Page?:

    What is a PL2000 Bio? Every senior photo for all classes 1960-1969 are displayed on a separate page at the PL2000 site. On this individual page you can add information about your life and family after CHS and you can add a current photo of you or your family also. When someone clicks on your name from the class list, your high school graduation photo and your bio information will be displayed on the same page together.

    For guests who do not have a senior class photo on the site, we will create a page for you when you submit your bio.

    The idea behind this is that some of you may wish to place a recent photo on your page and / or provide information about yourself for others to view. A story if you will about what you have been up to since graduation. As you will note above, many have submitted their bio's to the site, you can read these to use as examples in preparing your own bio.

    This of course is purely voluntary, we are just making this option available for those interested. We HOPE you will participate and submit a bio for yourself :)

    Two ways to submit your bio are:

    OPTION #1:
    By email. Simply write what you want to share with others, there is no size limit to what you write, and there is no specific format to what you write either. Simply send what you want to appear to Vicki at jtoler@brtc.net

    Photos: We would love to display a current photo of you or you and your family. Send the scanned photo to Vicki with your bio. If you are unable to have a photo scanned, contact Vicki for assistance.

    OPTION #2:
    You can request a bio form by email where you can answer 5 questions we will send to you about your life after CHS. Easy Huh? To do this send us your request for a bio form by Clicking Here Fill in your name and email address and you will receive an email from Vicki with the 5 questions to fill out within the next 24 hours.

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