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Class Of 1967 40th Reunion Dinner
Elks Club, Cairo, Illinois
June 16th 2007
Dance Open To All Classmates After Dinner

1st row: Vicki Simpson, Janis Carter, Barbara Clinton, Jackie Rogers, Donna Profilet, Nancy Swoboda, Vicki Barnett.
2nd row: Susan Ryan, Linda Johnson, Brenda Johnson, Germaine Pang, Kent Yarbrough, Steve Spomer, Roger Matthews.
3rd row: Doyle Eaves, Jack Brey, Ralph Thomas, Norman Seavers, Kyle Lehning, Bob Sullivan, Ron Upshaw, and Mike Jackson.

The Mods

Eddie Doss and Bob Sullivan

Vicki Barnett, Donna Profilet, Janis Merideth, Brenda Johnson, Linda Johnson, Judy Wissinger, and Barbara Clinton

Ernie Nordman and Coach Gale Dawson

Kent Yarbrough, Norman and Sandra Seavers

Barbara Clinton and Susan Ryan

Inez Donnigan, Doyle and Joy Eaves

Joy Eaves and Ron Upshaw

Doyle Eaves, Joy Eaves, Steve Spomer, Jack Brey, Debbie Spomer, Mike Jackson, and Burton Doss(Nancy and Eddie's son)

The Meridian friends and spouses, Eddie Weston and Betsy Mathis Yarbrough

Mike Jackson, Norman and Sandra Seavers

Inez Donnigan and Germaine Pang

Mods' leader, Don Dickerson, working the dance floor

67 reunion cake

Janis and Don Merideth..Vicki and Mark Masterson

Eddie and Susan Ryan Weston and Cathy Brey

Cathy and Jack Brey

Sandra and Norman Seavers

Mike Jackson and Germaine Pang

Gary Chandler, Guest, Coach Dawson, Inez Donnigan

Steve Spomer, Penny and Kenny Farris, Debbie Spomer

Kent Yarbrough, Fred Ent Lehning, Kyle Lehning, Debbie Spomer

The Mods

Brey Brothers..Tom, Jack, Mike, and Jerry

"The Modettes"???

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